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Create and save bookmarks from all your favourite Internet browsers and devices.
Store and manage hundreds and thousands of bookmarks and access from anywhere.
Tag and Note
Add multiple tags and subtags to bookmarks. Convenient grouping and search functionality helps you easily locate the bookmarks that you need.
Add additional free-form notes. This helps to record notes and site-specific information that you need to attach to bookmarks. It also helps collaborators to make better use of your collection.
Categorize your bookmarks into collections and share those collections with your group. Allow your group to add to your collection (you are able to "okay" all additions). Makes for great collaboration!
We also provide your own publicly accessible "blog" page where your selected bookmarks can be published. Click here for an example.
A free site for all including global businesses, colleges, government, groups and individuals. We're in our sixth year (!) of operations with a loyal and growing user base.
Getting Started
Register a free account for yourself.
When you receive our email, click on the supplied link to validate your account. If you don't receive an email, check your spam folder or please contact us for support.
If you are using a desktop browser:
Drag-and-drop this image:  Bookmark It !  onto your browser toolbar. Simply click with your mouse and hold your mouse button down while dragging the image (up, not sideways!) onto your browser toolbar, and then let go of the mouse button.
If your browser does not support the drag-and-drop method described above, you can right-click the image and add the bookmark to your "favorites" - preferably to your "links" or "toolbar" favorites - somewhere that is easy to access in your browser.
If you are having trouble with your browser blocking popups, please drag-and-drop the following image that does not use popup windows:  Bookmark It ? 
That's it!
As you browse the Internet from your browser, just click the installed bookmarklet and you'll be prompted for tags and notes, and the bookmark will be saved.
Mobile and tablets
If you using a mobile or tablet browser, simply use the "share link" capability of the browser to email a link to bookmark@dejaspace.com.
For additional information please see the FAQ and Help sections or contact us with any questions you may have!
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